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Anahata Yoga Retreat is excited to announce that Sannyasi Shivani Howe, Karma Sannyasin, co-founder and Spiritual Director of Ishtadev Niwas Ashram (Canada) will be leading a full weekend retreat at Anahata Yoga Retreat from February 21-23rd, 2020, THE NATURE OF KARMA…

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Understanding the Chakras: Mooladhara

The literal meaning of the word Chakra is ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ but in the yogic context a better translation of chakra is ‘vortex or ‘whirlpool’. The chakras are vortices of psychic energy. Each chakra represents a level of functioning in…

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Introduction to Yoga Nidra (Infograph)

  Check out our upcoming Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings happening in Australia and New Zealand with Swami Karma Karuna. A professional development course for yoga teachers, health and education professionals and those interested in guiding relaxation techniques. Explore tools to assist…

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