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About Anahata

Our vision includes promoting health, personal growth and wellness. We are committed to providing experiential learning opportunities and accessible yoga education for all. We are actively working towards preservation of the natural environment and sustainable development of the retreat infrastructure.

Anahata Trust & Vision

The Anahata Yoga Health & Education Trust has been established as a nonprofit organisation, enabling us to expand our capacity in sharing the yogic lifestyle for the well-being of individuals and families of all walks of life.
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Who We Are

At Anahata we live, share and teach the yogic lifestyle. Our integral approach provides inspiration to enrich your life as well as valuable skills to take away & incorporate into your day-to-day activities.
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Eco Living

A healthy lifestyle and environment go hand-in-hand. Sustainable living is intrinsic to the yogic tradition. At Anahata we practise energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management.
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Ashram Principles

Anahata Yoga Retreat is based on the principles of an ashram, which is traditionally a place dedicated to personal transformation through regularity of yogic practice and self enquiry with the support of a community of aspirants.
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Anahata is a beautiful place because of the location, the practices, the people, the food and the retreats. Check out some photos of all the beauty Anahata has to offer and get inspired to come visit so you can see for yourself!
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The Meaning of the Word ‘Anahata’

Anahata is the fourth chakra or energy centre according to the Yogic and Tantric (Shakta) traditions. In Sanskrit the word anahata means “un-struck” or “unbeaten” and is related to the heartbeat, unbroken rhythm and the soundless sound.
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What Our Guests Are Saying

"If your looking for a peaceful, spiritual, connected place to retreat and immerse yourself, learn, heal and be nourished then Anahata is the place for you ..."
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