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Welcome to Anahata

The Anahata Yoga Health & Education Trust is a non-profit,
charitable, organisation dedicated to sharing the traditional practices of
yoga. Our community lives in accordance with authentic yoga lifestyle
and Eco principles. We are committed to living simply and sustainably; in
harmony with nature and one another.

Situated in New Zealand’s luscious native forest, with spectacular views
over Golden Bay, Anahata offers a sanctuary space in which to cultivate
personal growth, facilitate healing and discover who you really are.

We welcome you to join us in experiencing the health and well-being
that comes from living in a supportive, inspiring and dynamic

Swami KK bio BEST 1-2

Private yoga training, consultations and yogic cleansing practices with Swami Karma Karuna are offered online and in-person by appointment. 

  • Find out which yoga, breathing and meditation practices suit your personality, health challenges and energy flow.
  • Build your at-home yoga practice with a personalised yoga programme to support yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Ask questions about your spiritual path.
  • Develop a better understanding of your body.
  • Practices are given according to individual needs to treat imbalances or enhance desired mental, emotional, physical and energetic states for optimal well-being.
  • Perfect for both beginners to yoga or those wanting to deepen and refine their practice.
Private Sessions

Upcoming Gatherings

Yoga Detox And Immunity Retreat

Yoga Detox and Immunity Retreat

  Cleanse Your Mind and Body as You Feed Your Heart and Soul  

Online Chakra Workshop Part 3: Swadhisthana & Vishhuddhi

Online Chakra Workshop Part 3: Swadhisthana & Vishhuddhi

THIS WORKSHOP IS PART 3 OF THE CHAKRAS WORKSHOP SERIES We will be exploring the Swadhisthana (sacral) and Vishhuddhi (throat)…

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