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Interview with Guest Teacher: Swami Anandakumar


Anahata is blessed with the presence of Swami Anandakumar to host the Power of Awareness Silent Meditation Retreat. Swami Anandakumar teaches with a wisdom, authenticity and generosity of spirit born out of over 35 years of practicing yoga and meditation. With his warm down-to-earth manner, he makes the mystery of meditation clear and accessible. Read on to learn more about this Anahata guest teacher and Silent Meditation.


How can a regular meditation practice be beneficial?

Swami Anandakumar: We know the outer world of everyday life very well, but of our inner life we know relatively little. The purpose of meditation is to come in contact with and get to know our inner world better. If we live relating only through outer life and overlook our inner life we really only know part of ourselves. Regular meditation keeps us in contact with ourselves in a more complete way, knowingly and systematically, so we feel more integrated, complete and at peace with ourselves




How will one expect to feel while attending this gathering?

Swami Anandakumar: It is really better not to have any expectations of what to feel. This would actually end up being quite limiting. It’s about self-discovery, and discovery is limited by any expectation of an outcome. The constant in meditation is awareness. The two primary qualities of practicing awareness are: being in the present moment; and then viewing all inner experience equally with an attitude of self-acceptance – leaves little room for expectation. This is the way the awareness expands and the inner world opens up to us.



What tools will one take away from this gathering?

Swami Anandakumar: If there is only one gain from a meditation gathering it could signal the most significant change in life. To be able to pause in the activities of life, to reflect and see everything more accurately, from a deeper wiser place, and integrate inner life with outer activity.  That would be the outcome of expansion of awareness, to be inclusive of things known and things as yet unknown about myself. What you don’t know remains in control, though you may not know it. But of what you do know you become the master.



Who would you recommend the Power of Awareness to?

Swami Anandakumar: In a nutshell, meditation has always been about self-discovery, self-knowledge. It has never been a shortcut to feeling happy and blissful. You have to make the journey before arrival. Anyone who understands and relates to that will be inspired and find this course rewarding



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