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The Heart Chakra Fund is an ongoing initiative designed to make giving easy. You can support our mission to share the yogic lifestyle for the well-being of all by donating from your heart.

Anahata is off the electrical grid and relies on solar power, minimising our impact on the environment. We are urgently in need of donations in order to upgrade our solar power system, as the current batteries are now on their last legs. We are inviting both large and small donations to help us continue as a sustainable retreat centre that shares the yogic lifestyle for the well-being of all. We would like to give our deepest gratitude to Pub Charities for their generous donation towards this project.

If you have had a transformative experience while staying here, please consider donating directly to our Heart Chakra Fund.

Once you have made a donation, you will receive an automatic email that includes a free download to Swami Karma Karuna’s guided Health Yoga Nidra. Enjoy 25 minutes of deep relaxation, to heal and nurture your body. 

To give a larger amount or if you’d like to sign up to regular giving, please contact us directly at .

Thankyou to our amazing worldwide community, and best wishes for everyone during this unprecedented time of change and renewal.

Our Plans for the Future:

  • Developing our operational model to allow us to continue to provide effective services well into the future
  • Continuing to work on projects improving the self-sufficiency of Anahata, including building and energy maintenance
  • Hosting regular online yoga classes by donation and new upcoming courses and trainings.
  • Sending out a monthly newsletter full of content from our blog, shop discounts and upcoming events.
  • Providing resources such as MP3s, CDs and books through our online shop

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*Donations by New Zealand residents of over $NZ5 are tax deductible.

From our heart to yours, thank you for your contribution!

How your donations will make a difference

“Giving is the secret of abundance”

Transformations at Anahata

Thank you for your generosity, contribution & support!
Together we can transform the world through yogic living.
One donation, one dollar, one heart at a time!

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