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Anahata Trust

The Anahata Yoga Health & Education Trust has been established as a nonprofit organisation, enabling us to expand our capacity in sharing the yogic lifestyle for the well-being of individuals and families of all walks of life.

Our vision includes promoting health, personal growth and wellness. We are committed to providing experiential learning opportunities and accessible yoga education for all. We are actively working towards preservation of the natural environment and sustainable development of the retreat infrastructure.

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Under the Trust we seek to live the yogic lifestyle and share our knowledge with all who come to Anahata. We are committed to practicing and teaching Yoga and living ecologically and sustainability. We endeavour to be able to include all levels of the socio-economic population and are in the process of developing a scholarship program.

Code of Ethics

The community at Anahata lives by the yogic code of ethics: the Yamas and Niyamas. These principles govern our actions in all daily activities and in the decisions we make as a community. The Trust also considers these ethics and uses them as a guide for how to conduct our business to the highest standards.

Ahimsa: acting with care, non-harming, violence
Satya: speaking truth in the service of all
Asteya: behaving honestly with yourself and others
Brahmacharya: being wise and caring in sexual conduct
Aparigraha: non-stealing, accepting only that which is freely given

Saucha: purification, inner and outer cleanliness
Santosha: contentment
Tapas: self-discipline
Svadhyaya: self-study, self-inquiry
Ishvara Pranidhana: surrender to the source of Creation

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