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All the little things you did and upheld daily - feeding the fire of my belly, stoking the fires that kept me warm, being a friend, being ushers or facilitators or shepherds of experiences and learning. All these little acts stoked all my fires: the fires of physical space, the fires of regular practice, the more subtle electricity/fire traveling in new neural pathways, and the fires of transformation. I carry you all with me in these two words and this one sentiment: THANK YOU

My life has make such a big change since the retreat. I wake up earlier every morning to do my early morning yoga and meditation! I also changed my diet, following the one from Anahata, organic, no processed food... and I'm feeling great! I feel more creative and I don't get frustrated easily. I'm so grateful with everything I have experienced and what is happening in my life. Anahata was exactly what I needed to start this beautiful journey.

Thank you for your reply and info.  Yes all is fabulously well – I feel quite different after my time at Anahata.  I have reduced the ‘toxins’ from my diet, started a better sleeping routine, increased my home yoga practice and am loving the sense of purpose and calm that seems to be part of my daily life now J

 Thank you so much – timing is everything and clearly the timing of my immersion into Anahata was exactly right for me J

If your looking for a peaceful, spiritual, connected place to retreat and immerse yourself, learn, heal and be nurished then Anahata is the place for you. The people, ceremony, native environment and the knowledge/wisdom that is shared is up there with the best!!

In amongst the trees and the kereru, nature's song meets bhakti blessings <3
Such a special space to nourish my body and soul, and perfectly timed as always. Surrounded by divinity and love. Exquisite!

Really appreciate your way making the world and our community better. Thank you for everything you are doing. Wonderful people and place; I really enjoyed my stay with you and will be back!

A heartfelt thank you to your lovely team that attended and presented at the Yoga Festival 2018 in Auckland! I really enjoyed your presentations and found them thoroughly enriching; sharing old yoga principles in a way easily understood and made relevant in our modern way of life is a true gift. Your session content, presentation delivery (supported by great hand outs) and care to enable so many to fit into the room are all proof; that you do what you do really well! I wish you well for your wonderful work; changing and enhancing peoples lives where you get a chance to touch them. Namaste and Thank you

I had the most beautiful, energising and relaxing, informative and enabling time at Anahata. The setting is stunning. The teachers are approachable and supportive. I learned tools that helped me to progress in my own practices and gained greater insight, knowledge and understanding. The connections made were beautiful. I have already returned once for a havan cermeony and I will continue to do so, for I feel so at peace and held in this amazing community space. Love and thanks x

I stayed at Anahata for nearly 3 month as a karma yogi... As a newy to yoga I'm so glad that I chose this place as my yoga starting point, as it teaches you, in my opinion, still the real and traditional yoga.
Your days start early and are fully planned and even sometimes you have to do things you don't really like, at the end you see that it is all part of the bigger picture and part of your personal growth.

Anahata is located on top of a hill with stunning views over Golden Bay, a very beautiful location not just to watch the sunrise or sunset but also to take some walks. Accomodation is basic but has all you need and three delicious vegetetarian meals are served a day.

I loved my time up there and experienced the most magical and unforgettable NYE of my life... Thanks everyone for making my stay so wonderful. Om Om Om

Anahata Retreat and the beautiful wise souls that welcome you there are hard to describe adequately. If you are even slightly thinking you might need some ‘me time’ or want to know more about what yoga really is, then book your stay.

Amazing yoga retreat and amazing experience. I thoroughly recommend it ! 🙏

I came to the 2018 New Year retreat. The program, the tools, the place, the food, the people ...and the cat, Bakti are so so spiritually alighned and Balanced. The place will uplift anyone in the universe ! ANAHATA literally opens up all doors and Nadis of my heart.

Wonderful experience over new years, full of wonderful people, food and yoga practice. Can't wait to return to this beautiful place.

An open door into a way of life that is effective and empowering. It's the real deal. An authentic exposure to the essence of living Yoga.

What an incredible new year's retreat. I feel truly blessed to have had this experience. The facilitators were outstanding, food was amazimg and so nourishing and the place was magical. Will be back for the next new year if not sooner!

Joined the New Year Retreat to surprise one of my close friends, never even been to a Yoga wasn't aware of what was to come..
What a treat, as one of the teachers said to me...if you want to learn about Yoga and the holistic lifestyle..You've taken the Golden option.. 🙂
Simply a fabulous way to embrace the New Year with beautiful people at one of the top New Zealand locations..Highly recommended for those that want to understand what this Yoga world offers...and for those like me that are brand new to the yoga experience...Go for It...
Thank you to the residents and teachers..Your knowledge and support was outstanding..the lessons will be with me for a lifetime...

I had a great experience and made some lovely connections in a 5 day workshop over the new year. The place exudes tranquility, my mind has never been so silent, which was a welcome oasis. Beautiful setting immersed in nature, a conscious sustainable agenda, wonderful vegetarian (mostly vegan) food and a bunch of generous characters, I highly recommend spending time here, I am already planning a longer re-visit.

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