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Karma Yoga

Karma is literally translated as action, which everyone in this world performs, whether consciously or unconsciously. When the word yoga is added to the word karma, then it means that any action performed with a meditative awareness becomes karma yoga.

– Swami Niranjanananda

Karma Yoga is the yoga of dynamic meditation. Through Karma Yoga, qualities such as being present with the action, witnessing the inevitable thoughts, and remaining unattached to the results of the action can be perfected. Karma Yoga is performing each task with meditative awareness. In this existence, we cannot live without acting, as thought, speech, movement are all part of action.

Therefore, here at Anahata, we see all our activities as an opportunity for reflection and growth. All guests are invited to join Anahata’s Residents in contributing to the Retreat through the practice of Karma Yoga. We invite you to bring a new quality to your everyday actions through seeing “work” in a new light. The attitude developed during the practice of karma yoga can be brought back to your life thereby transforming daily living into conscious living.

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