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Celebrating Poetry Day

“Ashram culture is going to be a panacea for the people of this modern era

because it will provide them with a positive environment to explode

 that seed of creativity which is dormant within them.”

Swami Satyananda


Personal transformation powered by the commitment of daily yogic practice sometimes leads our residents to feel overcome with inspiration to write, sing, dance, play – create. Poetry in particular is a popular tool for us residents, allowing us to look inward, witness our emotions before dispelling them with words onto a blank page. This can give us much greater insight and clarity in understanding our page, our path, our philosophy.

As poetry sits close to our collective heart, we wanted to join in this year’s National Poetry Day by showcasing some of our finest works. Enjoy a small selection of the many creations Anahata births from our current residents.



Floating Fate


Cast attachment off shore

As a boat it floats away

Watch as you surrender it to the sea

Not longing for it to stay


Use this moment to cleanse the mind

The body and soul will commend you

Being a part of a bigger picture now

At last you’re projecting what is true


Tears become dry as the rain still falls

The world still revolves, even in these four straw walls

My soul has me cradled like a babe in arms

To get through these hardships

Not provided by chance


I realise fully that it’s only up to me

To see through these projections, rationally

And that is where I can find the light

I find it within, from my own will and sight


Farewell to the friends that lie in my wake

And a nod to you all in my pre-destined fate


Laura Chamberlain

Marketing Goddess



Blind Mind


Mind’s the blind

Open to heal

Feel into the real

Learn to unlearn

See without eyes

Hear without greed

Give without want

Do the undo

Not the doing

Roll up the blind of the mind

Just become the being

The being in the moment

Not past, not future, but now

Love now, serve now, give now

Love now, oneself and then others

Give freely

Serve from the higher consciousness within

Become the embodiment of all that really is

Hari Om Tat Sat



Maintenance Machine



Breath – Body – Being


Inhale exhale

Do you feel that?

The breath

With its depth

With it’s breadth

its softness

its strength

It’s width

It’s length

With its want

With It’s need

Sometimes for slowness

Other times for speed

The gateway to the body

To the physical

To the form

To the place where life lives

To the place where life is born

The body

With its bones

With its skin

It’s ability to move

It’s energy from within

With its aches

to its pains

With its losses

To its gains

It changes shape

It changes size

Showing what it’s consumed

It tells no lies

What’s put in

Is seen on the out

What’s felt inside

Is what life is all about

The inner being

The peaceful presence

The intuitive seeing

The silence beneath the chatter

The stillness beyond the matter

The observer of the observed

The knower of the known

The truth of who you are

The realization you’re not alone

A connection between us

Is felt but not seen

An energy field of love

Connecting every single being

Appearances may differ

But our essence is the same

Not needing a label

Not needing a name

The power from above

Exists inside us as love

Love is all thats real

It’s not something you hold,

It’s something you feel

from the inner being

from the body

from the breath



Do you feel that?


Lala Hill

Rainbow Dimension Creative Visionary



A Dream


See how the trees sway,

in the wind, like coral in a current

How the green hills fade,

to blue, as they roll toward the horizon.

All under the vast tapestry of sky

This world is so dream like.


Silent Witness





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