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Yoga Nidra Feedback

We love Yoga Nidra here at Anahata. We love it’s gentle, nurturing vibrations, and its ability to heal slowly and quietly.

A recent Yoga Nidra Instructor Training retreat participant sent us this beautiful feedback which we want to share with you. She captures her experience of Yoga Nidra perfectly, despite English not being her first language.

‘The practice of yoga nidra helps me personally to achieve inner calmness.

First of all yoga nidra is part of my daily routine. In stressful situations I can bring myself down while knowing that I’ll do yoga nidra at the end of the day. It’s a peaceful feeling to know that there is a tool that I can use to relax, no matter what happens during the day.

After practicing yoga nidra for a while a few things changed inside me. My mind is clearer, I have better concentration and I can stay more focused in my actions. And the best benefit for me is that I overcame, with yoga nidra, my sleep disorders so that I have a deep and relaxing sleep now.

I now offer experiences in teaching yoga nidra to two different types of clients.

First, with adults who came voluntarily to private classes. This group gets inspired by the practice easily. Many people search for a proper relaxation and find in yoga nidra a suitable practice that is easy to perform regardless of health conditions, and it doesn’t need much time.

Second, I practiced yoga nidra in a school with first class students with learning difficulties. In the beginning it was a challenge for some to lay on their back on the floor, or to keep the body still in a self-chosen position and to take the attention internally. Another difficulty was the lack of body perception and some kids didn’t know all names of the body parts. So one could say it was not possible to teach these children in yoga nidra. But with the knowledge and the deep understanding from the teachers training in the course, the books, and my own experiences of the practice, I could adapt the stages of yoga nidra for the students and the environment and build up their concentration and evolve the required conditions.

When I practiced yoga nidra for the first time I found it boring and it had no meaning for me. But today I see myself growing with the practices and it becomes even more each time I share it with others.’

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