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From India with Love

Conscious travel is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. To go somewhere with intention, to be guided softly and to return to your home with fullness and inspiration. India is well and truly the Motherland. She will scoop you up and spin you around. She will melt your heart and ignite your soul. She will slowly and surely show you the home that is within.


Ashram translates to ‘abode of spiritual practice’. The ashrams in India embody this: from daily practices, to inspiring teachings, to bountiful local culture. Swami Karma Karuna of Anahata Yoga Retreat offers an incredible guided experience of authentic Indian Ashram life. Courses offered include the Evolving through the Chakras Retreat and the Prana Vidya Retreat as well opportunities to experience ashram life, attend the Festival of Light (Diwali) Celebrations and Swami Satsangi’s Saundarya Lahari Retreat for seekers from all walks of life, this is a truly unique opportunity to enrich your understanding of yoga.


Hear from previous course participants about their experiences:

“Having been to India with Anahata numerous times I can vouch for the integrity and authenticity of the experience. The courses have enabled me to deepen my practice and expand my knowledge of yoga, the celebrations and events have inspired and uplifted me on my spiritual journey and being part of the service work with local villages has shown me deep cultural immersion and heart-fulfillment. The guidance of the Anahata team has been instrumental in creating a positive experience for me. I believe the true spirit of yoga emerges in places of spiritual potency and I have definitely felt that in India.

“The experience is a true one, one that will touch you, one that will probably be different for you, but different is good.  As is said: All roads lead to Rome OR in this case, Rikhiapeeth. This place has truly left an impression. I haven’t even spoken about the work that is done in conjunction with the villagers. The Ashram is not just running courses, it’s involved in the up-liftment and empowerment of an entire village… It must be seen to be believed.  So, come see, come, experience, come and shake up your chakras!”

“I felt a distinct increase in my energy levels within a couple of days. The facilitators guided us step by step and supported us, insuring learning. I intend to take this up very seriously.”
~Sandip G.

“I enrolled for the Chakra Sadhana course with Swami Karma Karuna and now at the end of the course, I am not sure I want to go back home. Swami Karma Karuna is bursting with knowledge and is so ready to share it all with the utmost gusto and humility.  Every session left the participants asking for more. I consider myself truly privileged and lucky to have this opportunity to be here and I pray to God that I keep coming back to enrich myself over and over again.”

“An experience of Ashram in India, specifically a Satyananda Yoga Ashram, is an essential component of experience, if you desire to have a full yogic experience and understanding of the spiritual element in one’s life.  When one travels with ‘Anahata,’  you are received with warmth and loving openness upon arriving in India.  You will feel that all your needs will be taken care of with respect and most importantly to you can begin to embrace the ‘India experience’ knowing that someone is looking out for you.  I heartedly recommend that if you visit the ashram do think about participating in either or both of these courses, your experience will be the deeper and richer for it!”
~Sannyasi Savita Saraswati

India has indeed touched the hearts of so many. There are still spaces left in the upcoming 2019 India retreats. Anahata is offering 10% off on all courses or 15% off for SYTA members. Come and experience the magic of India for yourself.


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