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Guided Retreats to India 2019

“You are invited to join us on a unique fully guided journey to India, to discover traditional yoga through authentic yoga practices whilst experiencing a taste of ashram life.”

You will be led by Swami Karma Karuna and Anahata representatives on this spiritual immersion that will start in Kolkata and move onto Rikhiapeeth Ashram.

Travelling to India with Anahata you have the opportunity to experience the true essence of Yoga in an environment rich in culture and diversity, taking your practice to a much deeper level with the guided support of a highly experienced teacher.

The advantage of travelling with us is all your hotel accommodation and travel arrangements in India are taken care of, giving you the space to allow your journey to unfold.

This year, there are three retreat stay options which means depending on your time commitments, you are able to join us from minimum of 10 or up to 20 days.Outside of these retreat stays, there is also the opportunity to participate fully in ashram life through seva and also experience the yajnas.

We are also delighted to announce that this year the Saundarya Lahari Retreat guided by Swami Satyasangananda will be a central part of the retreat stay options.

Prices starting from $NZ 1,595 – 10% Early bird Discount available


Anahata India 2


Your extraordinary journey begins in Kolkata, then we travel together to Rikhia, located in rural India for the in-depth yoga retreat, Chakra Shuddhi (21 -27 September) where you have the opportunity to develop and deepen your knowledge of Kundalini Yoga with the primary focus on the Chakras.

Chakras are energy centres in the body that regulate the circulation of energy which then influence all of our expressions.

Throughout this 7-day course you will experience the chakras through daily asana, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and meditation sessions. During your daily theory sessions, you deepen your knowledge of these fascinating energy centres and discover how the chakras influence all levels of your personality: physical, energetic, mental and emotional harmony as well as psychic and spiritual development.

The retreat will include light daily seva duties and there will be the chance to participate in some of the ashram’s daily schedule.


Option 2: Evolving through the Chakras Retreat ONLY

Dates: 18 – 28 September 10 nights

Includes: Chakra Shuddhi Retreat Only plus hotel and return travel to Kolkata

Option 1: 

Evolving through the Chakras and Tools of Tantra Retreat

Dates: 18 September – 8 October, 20 nights

Includes: Chakra Shuddhi Retreat guided by Swami Karma Karuna, Saundarya Lahari Yoga Sadhana retreat guided by Swami Satyasangananda and Navaratri, plus hotel and return travel to Kolkata


Afterwards you have a wonderful opportunity to join the Saundarya Lahari Yoga Sadhana retreat (29 – 7 October) formulated and directed by Swami Satysangananda. This is rare and wonderful opportunity to attend this retreat under the guidance of one of our spiritual inspirers.

This is a powerful and complete sadhana in itself and explores the tools of Tantra, including mantra, yantra, mandala and meditation. This year, for the first time it will be conducted as a 9-day retreat and will run during the period of Navaratri.

Navaratri is powerful 9-day period of astrological significance; it is considered the most conducive time for transformation through spiritual practice. This period of time is dedicated to the invocation of Shakti the universal energy which in its different manifestations serves as a force to carry us from inertia to vitality, from darkness to light.

For bookings and further information visit the event page by following the link below: 

Evolving through the Chakras and Tools of Tantra Retreat


Igniting Inner Fire retreat

Prior to the start of the Prana Vidya retreat, you will have the chance to integrate into the daily ashram activities which includes Karma Yoga and may include kirtan, chanting or other programs alongside the ashram residents.

Take your practice and understanding of the Pranic body deeper by participating in the Prana Vidya Retreat (1-7th November). Prana (energy) Vidya (knowledge) is an ancient and powerful meditation that deals with the system of prana for healing and spiritual awakening. Knowledge of Prana is knowledge of the universe. Everything moves because of Prana, it is source, means and destination.

During this 7-day course you will be introduced to the pranic system through daily asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and Prana Vidya meditation sessions, including practical techniques for awakening the fields of energy present in the human structure.

Throughout your daily theory sessions, you will deepen your knowledge of this vital life force, discovering how the aspects of prana within the physical body and through regular sadhana can help you to develop the sensitivity required to feel and experience the nature of prana as a living flow of energy within one self. And how it can be directed to improve health and vitality.

For bookings and further information visit the event page by following the link below:

Prana Vidra Retreat and Festival of Light Celebration

Option 3: Prana Vidya Retreat and Festival of Lights Celebration

Dates: 24 October – 8 November 14 Nights

Includes: Prana Vidya Retreat and Diwali Celebration plus hotel and return travel to Kolkata

Your journey begins in Kolkata, where you will be greeted by an Anahata representative. After a day of resting, we travel together to Rikhia in time for Diwali the Festival of Light, (27 October). Diwali is an opportunity to connect with the inner luminosity and experience the joy of India aglow with thousands of flickering lights. Here you will participate in the festival alongside guests and ashram residents.

Please enquire if interested to stay on for seva or the yajnas


All guided options include:

1 night in Kolkata Hotel, Return travel to Kolkata, All Accommodation, Transport and Food within the group plan, and course support materials during the retreats.

Does not include international airfares, insurance etc.

These are enriching and transformational retreats that will give you an opportunity to find greater depth and understanding in your practice, irrespective of your level of experience.

Early Bird Pricing ends 1st June 2019

Booking closing date is 10th July, 2019

Anahata India retreats
Anahata India retreats feedback


“An experience of Ashram in India, specifically a Satyananda Yoga Ashram, is an essential component of experience, if you desire to have a full yogic experience and understanding of the spiritual element in one’s life.  When one travels with ‘Anahata,’ you are received with warmth and loving openness upon arriving in India. You will feel that all your needs will be taken care of with respect and most importantly to you can begin to embrace the ‘India experience’ knowing that someone is looking out for you.  I heartedly recommend that if you visit the ashram do think about participating in either or both of these courses, your experience will be the deeper and richer for it!”  ~Sannyasi Savita Saraswati

“I enrolled for the Chakra Sadhana course with Swami Karma Karuna and now at the end of the course, I am not sure I want to go back home. Swami Karma Karuna is bursting with knowledge and is so ready to share it all with the utmost gusto and humility.  Every session left the participants asking for more. I consider myself truly privileged and lucky to have this opportunity to be here and I pray to God that I keep coming back to enrich myself over and over again.” ~Nilufer

Personal Experiences

“The experience is a true one, one that will touch you, one that will probably be different for you, but different is good.  As is said:  All roads lead to Rome OR in this case, Rikhiapeeth. This place has truly left an impression.  I haven’t even spoken about the work that is done in conjunction with the villagers. The Ashram is not just running courses, it’s involved in the up-liftment and empowerment of an entire village… It must be seen to be believed.  So, come see, come, experience, come and shake up your chakras!”  ~Gemma

“I felt a distinct increase in my energy levels within a couple of days. The facilitators guided us step by step and supported us, insuring learning. I intend to take this up very seriously.” ~Sandip G.




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