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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Friday 11 June, 2021 - Tuesday 22 June, 2021

The mission of Yin Culture is to be a harmonising force in the world. The Yin Culture journey uses the practices of yin yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra to initiate transformation.


The retreat is led by Yin Culture Founder, Nikolas with support from Constanza, Zachariah, Angelo and Swami Karma Karuna plus more crew members to be announced.

Our 108 hour training is not just for Yoga Teachers or people who want to be Yoga Teachers. It is for anyone who has a deep desire to heal and awaken spiritually. If your intention is to teach Yin Yoga, we will give you the knowledge to do it. Outside of the training it is up to you to practice teaching as we do not have time to do this during the retreat. What qualifies you as a teacher is a willingness to do the inner work and clear karmic patterns.

In depth morning workshops cover 30+ Yin Yoga Asanas with Pranayama and Meditation techniques from the Yoga Tradition, preparing you to practice and teach them on your own. Longer evening masterclasses are a chance to experience the transformational power of signature Yin Culture sequences within a safely held space.

Lectures cover: Yogic Philosophy. Taoist philosophy. History of Yin Yoga. Key principles of Yin Yoga. Energetic maps of the Nadis and Prana Vayus. Anatomy of the Myofascial Meridians. Sequencing Yin Yoga with Pranayama and Meditation. Effective communication and the art of holding space.

Experience the magic of community with group meals, fire ceremony, cacao ceremony and live music. The food we serve is plant-based, ayurvedic and made with love by our kitchen goddess Luxmi.

Our crystal mountain location provides space to connect with nature and there’s time for journaling is set aside to integrate the process.

Harmonize. Heal. Transform.
Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up.




Additional Information

Standard Price: $1999

Included: Shared accommodation, meals, teaching manuals.
Extras: Bedding, transfers to/from Takaka

If you feel called, visit here and complete the expression of interest form at the bottom of the page or email:



Yin Culture. The mission of Yin Culture is to be a harmonizing force in the world. Many Souls are finding it difficult to maintain their centre in this time of rapid change. Many yearn to return to the harmony of nature. It is these Souls for which Yin Culture is medicine. Yin Culture is based on Taoist and Tantric philosophy applied to modern culture. The practices draw from two sources: The modern practice of Yin Yoga, as taught by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. The ancient practices of Pranayama, and Meditation from Tantric Hatha Yoga.

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