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Prana and Mudra Workshop at Avalokita Yoga

Sunday 03 March, 2019

Workshop Overview

“Join Swami Karma Karuna for this Prana and Mudra morning workshop at Avalokita Yoga, where you will be introduced to practices for increasing, conserving and directing vital energy in and around the body.”

Mudras are expressions of particular states of consciousness and energy. Whilst prana directly influences the mental and emotional states, health and well being.

With the use of mudras, the practitioner can consciously awaken, balance and redirect prana to influence the physical and subtle aspects of the body and mind.

During the workshop you will be introduced to yoga practices that are used for increasing, conserving and directing vital energy around the body.

This morning workshop will end with a nurturing Prana Nidra practice. Prana Nidra is based on the practice of Yoga Nirda with a prana focus, to deeply relax and support the flow of vitality to each and every cell.  Leaving you feeling nourished and energised.

Additional Information

Location: Avalokita Yoga, 17 McKell Ave., Watanobbi. NSW. 2259. 

Refreshments: Chai and sweets for morning tea will be provided.

Time: Workshop 9.00am – 1.00pm with a 1/2 hour morning tea.


Early bird until 15th of February………….$80 or $65 concession

Bookings after the 15th of February…………..$90 or $75 concession

Bookings and enquiries:

Please email Jacqui Fletcher (Atmavani) at the following address.



Swami Karma Karuna at Anahata

Swami Karma Karuna, founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, NZ, is an engaging, intuitive yoga teacher with more than 25 years of training and experience. She specialises in therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga nidra relaxation and pranic practices and shares in a simple and practical way, inspiring people to access and apply yogic practices in their own lives.

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