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Integral Yoga & Mindfulness Programme for PTSD

Friday 01 April, 2022 - Saturday 01 April, 2023

A trauma-informed community programme for women experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which offers a wide repertoire of somatic techniques that can complement ongoing trauma therapy and play a supportive role in promoting trauma healing, self-regulation, and physical and mental wellbeing.


Discover embodied practices that can assist you to:

  • Cultivate resilience
  • Nourish physical and mental health
  • Calm and balance the nervous system
  • Self-generate a feeling of safety, agency and choice
  • Expand the window of tolerance and capacity for presence
  • Self-regulate physical and emotional responses to stress and trauma
  • Return to wholeness

Additional Information

  • A free year-long programme starting in April 2022
  • Limited spaces available
  • Registration closes 11 April
  • In-person sessions based in Golden Bay

For more details get in touch with Priyadhara at:

This year’s women’s Integral Yoga & Mindfulness Programme for women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is brought to our community through a close collaboration between Creating Balance, Te Whare Mahana and AYHET. Advice and support has been provided by Mohua Social Services, Manawhenua Ki Mohua’s Whanau Ora Navigator and health professionals in the community.

The PTSD programme aims to assist rurally isolated, vulnerable and at-risk women with PTSD in their efforts to manage their healing and wellbeing. This programme also aims to address the need for more complementary pathways of physical and mental health support available to women with PTSD in Golden Bay by offering an integrated and somatic system of integral yoga and mindfulness tools, that are trauma-informed, holistic in nature, have been clinically studied internationally and are known to help relieve PTSD symptoms

AYHET has received grants from Lottery Community Fund and Golden Bay Community Trust, and is welcoming donations to further financially assist this promising community initiative. If you wish to make a donation, please enter the amount below and click Donate.

Once you have made a donation, you will receive an automatic email that includes a free download of Swami Karma Karuna’s guided Health Yoga Nidra. Enjoy 25 minutes of deep relaxation, to heal and nurture your body.


Sannyasi Priyadhara specialises in yogic science education. Her experience in exploring the scientific, transformational and holistic quality of yoga as well as her extensive and continuous training at the internationally renown Bihar School of Yoga in India and in yoga education centres in New Zealand and Australia has inspired her to integrate yoga into daily life and enables her to assist individuals of different backgrounds, cultures and mental/physical health needs on their journey towards positive change.

Priyadhara’s practical understanding of yogic science and yogic lifestyle allows her to offer knowledge and personal insight on a variety of topics in accessible ways. Her work places emphasis on community resilience, integral health and wellbeing and involves the development and facilitation of initiatives that aim to address a specific need in the Golden Bay community through collaboration with key local and regional organisations.

She has worked with Red Cross Belgium, to deliver yoga for refugee youth, and developed integral yoga and mindfulness programmes for teenagers and individuals with PTSD in Golden Bay, in collaboration with AYHET, Golden Bay High School, Te Whare Mahana and community funding organisations.


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