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HOF 2.0: Maximise Your Potential Workshop

Saturday 11 February, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm



HOF 2.0 is the next step, physical and mental reset to regain control over your physical and mental wellbeing, from disease to ease, your natural state

Marcel Hof has spent a lifetime developing his method to transform lives. Alongside the Iceman, (his brother Wim) Marcel has explored the extremes and tested the boundaries of human potential so the rest of us can benefit. Join us and experience the power of the Hof family’s exploration. The best of a lifetime of practice taught in 1 day!


12.00-1.00: A Hof Family Story, Introduction to practice , Breathing Techniques, cold exposure, benefits, science

1.00-2.00 Breathing practice, changing state of mind and body and sharing experiences

2:00-3:00 Yoga and flow exercise

3:00-4:30 Sauna and cold experiences

*Schedule is subject to change

Additional Extras


Shared accommodation: $108 without bedding or $138 with bedding / per person per night
Camping: 60$ / per person per night 

During the workshop

1. Learn to utilize your internal pharmacy and increase dopamine levels.

2. Retrain your brain: Change old habits & build new neurological pathways. Cold endurance and control of the ‘autonomic’ nervous system. Releasing PTSD, trauma, stress and other emotional disfunctional patterns

3. Drastically reduce anxiety & depression by balancing blood pressure & your hormonal system

4. Increase clarity and activate flow state to optimize performance

5. Elevate your energy levels without caffeïne or stimulants

About the workshop

The following teachings, derived from Marcel’s lifetime of practice help you experience life-changing results that will transform your body, mind & soul and will elevate your current existence.


Regain control of your own universe. Access your inner drug store; dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline on top, no more need for big pharma or external drugs.


Stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system allows your body to get more relaxed, feel energised, alive and out of the mind. This will increase the power and potential available to you in your life. In 20 minutes of breathing you reduce your acidity, become more alkaline and cleanse the body of unneeded waste materials and carbon dioxide. Inflammation and being too acidic is the beginning of almost all diseases.


Dealing with the cold is dealing with stress. The cold is a symbol of the cold in your life. Give it loving attention, positive energy and it will change in opportunity! Physically you train your Cardiovascular System, 100.000 km of blood vessels, your heart rate will go down drastically. And your natural resistance against physical and mental viruses and bacteria becomes optimised!


Humans have been synchronizing voice, sound and movement to produce deep trance states for millennia. This is how the group prepares for the ice bath to access the flow state.


Marcel and Anicha use ancient techniques that help us access states that can benefit us in the modern world. Sharpen your mind to gain clarity, release trauma stress and anxiety & access peace through heart-based meditations.

For bookings & enquiries, please email:

Meet the trainers

Marcel Hof

Since the age of 13, Marcel Hof is training and has been pushing himself to the limits, defying death while swimming beneath the ice – all in the name of total optimisation.

Marcel Hof explored the extremes, alongside his brother Wim Hof for more than 25 years.
They tested the boundaries of human potential so the rest of us can benefit.  What they discovered has shocked the scientific community…

Marcel works also with Hypnosis, Attention, Focus, trance and voice, to heighten the vibration and always works from Intuition what is needed in the moment. With absolute trust that all knowledge is already here, that what comes up, is that what has to be told.

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