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Retreat Overview

Cleanse Your Mind and Body as You Feed Your Heart and Soul

In the same way that a room collects dust and clutter and needs regular cleaning, the body and mind can collect toxins or blocks that create imbalance or sluggishness in our systems, eventually leading to ill health. A regular inner clean up and the development of positive lifestyle habits are key to maintaining health and wellbeing at all levels.

In this retreat learn Hatha Yoga, traditional detox cleansing practices, and mindfulness and mantra meditations to activate and purify the body and mind. Also, gain modern nutritional tools to support healthy eating, strong digestive powers and balanced body systems and mental states.

  • Hatha Yoga to activate all the body systems
  • Talks on Wholesome Food, Yogic diet, Green Juices, Fermented Foods
  • Heating and cleansing breathing exercises
  • Detox Cleansing Practices
  • Mindfulness Meditation to let go of the old patterns
  • Ana Yoga – conscious and nutritious cooking and eating


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Hatha Yoga Detox & Nutrition Retreat

Thursday 07 November, 2019 - Sunday 10 November, 2019

The Retreat Programme Includes

3 nights shared Accommodation (unless camping), all meals and the full Retreat Programme.

  • Hatha yoga classes
  • Small group discussions
  • Guided meditation
  • Daily chanting
  • Kirtan (singing mantras to music)
  • Daily Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
  • Karma Yoga (action with meditative awareness)
  • Fire Ceremony (Havan) and Chanting (healing sound vibration)

Additional Information

Start Time: 10am Thursday 7th Nov – arrival/registration
Finish Time: 11am Sunday 10th Nov

Complimentary pick up: Wednesday 6th Nov 5.45pm Golden Bay Visitor Centre
Complimentary drop off: Sunday 10th Nov 11am back to Golden Bay Visitor Centre

  • Special Dietary Requirements: All meals provided are vegetarian. Vegan, Dairy Free & Gluten Free can be provided for an additional NZ$15. Please advise us at time of booking.
  • Private Sessions: Private yoga and Therapeutic Consultations, Bodywork and Nutritional Guidance are available by appointment. Click here to find out more.
  • Private rooms: Limited options are available on request, subject to availability.
  • Camping: Tent hire is available for an additional cost of NZ$30. Add this to your booking at checkout.

For more information or to request any extras, please email us.

A discounted rate of $75 applies for the night before the retreat begins (6th Nov).



Sannyasin Atmabhava came to yoga for the health benefits and the practical and scientific methods immediately made a strong impression on him. He spent 10 years living the yogic lifestyle and teaching yoga, meditation and chanting at Anahata Yoga Retreat. Now back in NZ, Chris works therapeutically in Rimutaka prison and mental health sectors and continues to share on a variety different topics in workshops and weekend retreats around New Zealand.

Sannyasi Priyadhara

Sannyasi Priyadhara embarked on a yogic path of self transformation in her youth, which eventually led her to discover a sustainable way of living through Permaculture and Yoga. In a personal quest to deepen her experience and understanding, she spent a number of years living under the guidance of her teacher in a remote part of India, imbibing the teachings of Yoga as a practical science and a way of life, in the spirit of sannyasa, selfless service and dedication. Since her return to the west, she shares her inspiration with all who seek to express and connect with the positive and creative qualities within themselves, for the wellbeing of all.

Hatha Yoga Detox & Nutrition Retreat

Thursday 07 November, 2019 - Sunday 10 November, 2019

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