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Love & Core Martinborough: Building Resilience Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Friday 26 February, 2021 - Sunday 28 February, 2021

Are you wanting to improve your ability to withstand life’s challenges? Do you wish you had a greater capacity to cope and adapt to adversity? Are you wanting to intentionally respond to life rather than react?  Luckily, our inner resilience is a natural part of who we are and is a trait that we can strengthen, cultivate and build upon.


* The EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT has been extended till Jan 22nd *


Resilience is our ability to come back to our centre, to rebound from adversity and to respond to a challenge in a creative way. Resilience is vital; without it, we wouldn’t survive the accumulated hardships, transitions, and stressful situations that are present in even the most privileged people’s lives. The change we are all facing on some level due to the Covid-19 pandemic can be difficult to navigate with grace. At our Yoga & Meditation Retreat you will learn how to strengthen your body, mind, energy and nervous system during this time of uncertainty and learn tools to take away into your daily life. Our ability to adapt, adjust, accommodate and find a new way forward requires us to step into our inner source of resilience.

The weekend includes theory, yoga, breathing and meditation as well as self-reflection exercises to help cultivate this quality. Yoga builds resilience in the body and mind by introducing small amounts of stress in a controlled scenario. This can then be mirrored off of the yoga mat, in our everyday lives. For example, the next time you’re experiencing frustration toward a family member or current situation, you might find it easier to come back to the breath and respond rather than react. We will identify why resilience is important, how the practices of yoga & meditation can help to create the relaxation response and why it’s important in this day and age.

All bodies and levels of experience are welcome.

To download the full info pack, click HERE 



• Techniques to train the body and mind to respond rather than react

• Ways to calm the nervous system through yogic practices like Yoga Nidra and pranayama • Practices to create new neural pathways that favour equanimity and resilience • Support to raise your vital energy so your batteries are charged enough to face whatever arises in life

• Mindfulness Techniques to develop positive attitudes in the face of challenge • Hatha Yoga and Breathing sequences to calm and simultaneously strengthen the nervous system • Deep Relaxation with Yoga Nidra and Restorative practices

• Connect and share with a community of like-minded people

• Massage and Reflexology treatments available for additional cost. See schedule for free time. For bookings visit

• All meals included and vegetarian.


Additional Information


There will be opportunities for massage and foot reflexology with our experienced and skilled therapists. See the schedule below for breaks where you can make your bookings.
For bookings and info visit or contact:

Reflexology Therapist Sandra Schmid
021 071 1441
Private Yoga Consultations
Massage Therapist

Eileen Egerton
027 225 9179


Receive a personal yoga program, ask questions and get guidance on your health, spiritual life etc Pre-book with Swami Karma Karuna
Pricing: 30 Mins – $50 60 Mins – $95 90 Mins $120


Your accommodation is Margot’s of Martinborough which is conveniently located at 80 Jellicoe Street less than 10 minutes walk from the studio and from the centre of town. Accommodation capacity 10 people.

Swami Karma Karuna


Swami Karma Karuna is a founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, and a dedicated, intuitive yoga teacher with years of experience working with a wide range of people.

From an early age, she travelled exploring diverse spiritual traditions; finally dedicating herself to the yogic path, guided by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. Swami Karma Karuna has received yoga training in Nepal, India and Australia. She spends 3 months each year living and teaching in India at the home and sadhana place of Swami Satyananda. She also travels internationally part of the year, committed to sharing Yoga Solutions for Life™ – simple & powerful techniques for transformation.

During past tours, Swami Karma Karuna has been involved in workshops, retreats, trained teacher trainees at the Australasian Satyananda Yoga Academy, and worked with groups of Yoga Therapists throughout the USA.

By combining yogic lifestyle and Sannyasa tradition with family life, Swami Karma Karuna has a unique and practical approach, inspiring the integration of yogic principles into everyday activities.

In 2007 Swami Karma Karuna released her first yoga and meditation CD called Yoga Solutions for Life™ – Essential Daily and Deepening Practices designed to develop a simple daily practice enhancing health and relaxation. In October 2007, a second CD focused on the chakras and seed sounds was released.

Love & Core Martinborough

Love and Core Pilates and Yoga is Martinborough’s dedicated Pilates and Yoga space. A boutique studio with friendly instructors offering small, relaxed classes for all abilities, in a group setting and privately.

Our philosophy is about connecting movement with breath, we believe exercise should support how your body performs rather than just enhancing how it looks.

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