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Awaken the Goddess Within – Navaratri Sadhana

Sunday 15 October, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - Wednesday 25 October, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

Navaratri, “The Nine Nights” is a celebration of the Divine Feminine Creative energy that resides in all things. This is an auspicious time of year to begin or strengthen your own personal practice and to gain new insight into your own energy management. In honour of Navaratri, the residents of Anahata Yoga Retreat will be dedicating this time to sincere practice (sadhana) and you are welcome to join us! With the help of powerful mantras, rituals, meditations, and self-reflections we evoke the energies of three magnificent goddesses: Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. These goddesses – icons of our essence nature – represent incredible powers and latent potentials within us. As we delve into this sacred practice, we unveil the hidden treasures of our being, lighting up the shadows within and releasing deeply rooted blockages that hinder our growth. Navaratri Sadhana is a transformative experience designed to illuminate your path of self-discovery. Each day, as we invoke the energies of the goddesses, we also invoke the strength, abundance, and wisdom that they embody. Navaratri is not just a celebration; it’s a divine dance of energies within and without. As we honor Durga’s courage, Lakshmi’s abundance, and Saraswati’s wisdom, we align ourselves with these cosmic forces, allowing their energies to flow through us, allowing us to emerge renewed and empowered.

ONLINE OPTION AVAILABLE: If you can’t make it to Anahata, join us for our daily mantra sadhana via Zoom. See details below.

🌺 Join Us in the Sacred Celebration 🌺 Whether you’re seeking to kindle the flame of your spiritual journey or to deepen your connection with the divine feminine creative energy, the Navaratri Sadhana is a transformative passage you won’t want to miss. In this safe and nurturing space, we honor the goddesses not just as external deities, but as mirrors reflecting the brilliance of our own divine potential. The Navaratri Sadhana is your invitation to awaken, transform, and bask in the light of your own true essence.


Shared Accommodation
Shared Vegetarian Meals
Variety of Daily Yoga Classes
Daily Mantra Sadhana
Vedic Fire Ceremonies and Kirtans
Purifying Sauna

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Please contact to register and for more details

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