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Be Part of Our Summer Team

Join a team of people dedicated to self-growth, transformation and sustainability at Anahata Yoga Retreat, Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Anahata is a Charitable Health and Education Trust where we live and share a yogic lifestyle dedicated to Self transformation through service. We uphold a regular rhythm of yoga asana, meditation, relaxation, chanting and other yogic practices. We are an off-grid property that values sustainability and we are constantly evolving to work in harmony with nature.

Over the summer months, our Education Centre will offer Yoga Lifestyle Courses, Teacher Trainings, and Sadhana Retreats. At other times of the year, we are open to Venue Hires from other groups

At this time we are looking for dedicated people to fill key roles for the summer season.


Maintenance Coordinator (6 months or more)

– click here to read the position’s description.


Reservations & Guest Services Coordinator (6 months or more)

– click here to read the position’s description.


We also welcome people for shorter stays to participate in our Karma Yoga Program.


Karma Yogis: (2 weeks to 6 months)

Karma Yoga is the yoga of everyday action. We participate fully in the activities of daily life, but with the attitudes of curiosity, service, and higher awareness.

Participating in the Karma Yoga program at Anahata provides the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. This immersion into a yogic lifestyle provides the foundation for Self transformation through the practice of mindfulness in action.

You will gain perspective on your personality, the ability to witness your way of interacting with the world, and the tools to transform the way you approach everyday life. You will leave here with more resilience to stress, a deeper knowledge of Self, and the ability to navigate the challenges of life with presence.


Life at Anahata:

Shared accommodation, vegetarian meals, daily sessions, and the use of sauna and library are included in your Karma Yoga Program stay.

As a Karma Yogi, having enthusiasm and a sincere interest in experiencing a yogic lifestyle is important and full attendance of practices and sessions is expected during your stay.

We have a regular routine that includes:

  • Morning Hatha Yoga & Pranayama (guided & personal practice)
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Breakfast
  • Karma Yoga Activities
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Relaxation and Meditation
  • Dinner
  • Saturday Fire Ceremony & Kirtan

Karma Yoga Activities include:

  • Maintaining our veggie gardens
  • Preparing nourishing meals
  • Guest services
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintaining the grounds & buildings
  • Other duties as they arise

Program Investment:

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*We are usually fully booked during the summer period, and pre-payment is required to secure your spot. Please be mindful when making your booking. We have limited spaces available and changing your dates may cause an imbalance to our team.
*If you need to change your dates due to unforeseen circumstances, your payment will be transferred to your new dates. You may only transfer dates once from your original booking without incurring an Admin Fee. Any further change of dates will incur an additional Admin Fee of $50 per change.
* If you must cancel your stay, you will be refunded as per our Cancellation Policy.
**Please note- this is NOT a pathway to New Zealand residency. We do not provide work visas and this is not a work exchange program. You must be a NZ/AU citizen or permanent resident, or you must have an appropriate visa to be in NZ in order to participate in this program.

We are open to discussing individual circumstances and your needs based on your skills and length of commitment to being at Anahata. Longer-term preferred and remuneration and/or trades for yoga education may be possible for longer commitments. If you feel this is the right opportunity for you, please contact us on for an application. If your application is successful, we will contact you for an interview. Please only apply if you are currently in NZ or have an NZ passport or permanent residency.

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