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Karma Yoga Activities

Karma Yoga is an integral yogic practice and discipline described as “mindfulness meditation through action”. Karma Yoga is ideally practiced in mouna or silence and provides an opportunity to examine one’s mind, emotions and action as well as contributing to Anahata Yoga Retreat. Karma Yoga is beneficial for everyone, and as we recognize differing levels of need, there are different Karma Yoga hours depending on your stay. You are welcome to participate in karma yoga activities or you may choose to have some quiet time to relax and recharge your batteries.

Anahata Yoga Retreat is a great place to contemplate and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Golden Bay. A rostered cook prepares all meals. We have a closed kitchen. No private cooking is permitted.

The practice of Mouna or silence occurs from 8:30pm-8.30am in order to give space for the mind to turn inwards and to go deeper into witnessing your thoughts and feelings. External silence will eventually lead to inner awakening.

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