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About Us

Anahata is a non-profit Yogic Lifestyle & Eco Community, dedicated to living yoga and sharing it with others in order to foster well-being, promote health and foster a connection to self and nature.

Our values are equality, yogic discipline, compassion and dedication. Our mission is to share the knowledge and teachings of a holistic yoga path and inspire others to live a simple and balanced life.

For the last 23 years we have been operating as a residential retreat centre, welcoming guests from all around the world. In these new and challenging times we are changing our focus to increase our self-sustainability and find new ways to share the traditional teachings of yoga through online platforms. We are currently not open for residential retreats, though we are still home to a small community of people dedicated to living the yogic lifestyle.

Our practices are from the Bihar School of Yoga lineage, which is an integrated approach utilising all branches of yoga; Hatha Yoga for the body, Bhakti Yoga for the emotions, Gyana Yoga for self-reflection and  Raja Yoga for mind management. The corner stone of living at Anahata is the practice of Karma Yoga.

Often translated as “Meditation in Action”,  Karma Yoga is a way to develop mindfulness and presence in daily actions. It is a tool to help understand our personality, our habits and our ego in all things. This process of self-inquiry, while preforming everyday tasks, gives us the foundation from which to learn and evolve

As an eco-friendly community, we strive to live as sustainably as we can in harmony with our natural surroundings, which is a continual work in progress. Our current focus includes increasing our sustainability and self-reliance.

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Experienced Satyananda Yoga teachers expertly guide you through Hatha Yoga, Morning Chanting, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.
Classes will be streamed each week.

Joining the Community

If you are interested in joining our community there is an application and interview process to see if we are the right fit for each other. A commitment for a minimum of 3 months is required. All community members contribute both financially and energetically to the day to day running of Anahata.

Please email us for more information and an application.

Contact Us to Discuss


We welcome mature minded people 18+, who are responsible, self-motivated and open to offer their skills and inspiration in a selfless and giving way. In a community environment dedicated to yogic practice, past conditioning and personality patterns can be triggered to the surface and a willingness to use these challenges for personal growth is important.  Flexibility in contributing to what is needed in the community and an openness to learn new skills are also valued. A commitment to group practices as well as personal practice is very important.

Coming soon!


  • A small, off-grid, community dedicated to simple living, yoga practice and eco-principles
  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga in daily life
  • Connection to the Bihar School of Yoga lineage and tradition
  • Ability to share and learn new skills with other like-minded people
  • Vegetarian/Vegan community
  • Low technology atmosphere
  • Secluded natural environment next to the Abel Tasman N.P. overlooking Golden Bay, NZ

Financial Contribution: $150/pw (shared accommodation)

The financial contribution goes towards the purchasing of food, fuel and other community supplies as well as paying for services such as general maintenance, internet, landline phone, property vehicle and trash removal.


Energetic Contribution (Karma Yoga)

All community members work together to provide the daily group meals, tend the food gardens and grounds, keep buildings clean and maintain Anahata as a whole. Each person is expected to contribute approximately 25-30hrs a week with 2 rest days.

Sample Daily Schedule (subject to change)

7:30-8:45am Hatha Yoga Class / Brunch Cooking Shift
8:45-9:30am Mantra Chanting Meditation / Brunch Cooking Shift
9:30-10:30am Brunch & Clean Up
10:30-11:00am Community Cleaning
11:00-1:30pm Karma Yoga Shift
1:30-2:30pm Yoga Nidra & Tea Break
2:30-4:30pm Karma Yoga Shift
4:30-5:30pm Afternoon Session (Meditation/Kirtan/Fire Ceremony/Other)
5:30-6:30pm Dinner & Clean Up
8:30pm Mouna- Silence until Brunch

We are currently welcoming people with the following skills:

  • Off-grid Maintenance (General, Solar & Grey Water)
  • Building
  • IT/Technology (for teaching online)
  • Food Growing- Organic/Permaculture/Biodynamic (gardens & orchard)
  • Food Preserving (canning/fermenting/etc.)
  • Natural Beekeeping
  • Chicken Caretaker (for eggs only)
  • Admin/Office
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