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Ongoing Fundraising

1. Raising funds for a new Anahata Vehicle

We are continuing to raise funds for a new Anahata workhorse vehicle as the trusty “Grey Surf” has reached the end of its working life. Everything helps.

2. Yogic Studies Student Support Fund

We continue to raise funds to support students who wish to pursue Yogic Studies training either in Australia or India as well as those who would like to do courses such as our Yoga Nidra Instructors Training.

3. Protected Ridgeline Project

Golden Bay Natural and Linked (GBNL) is an Incorporated Society formed to preserve the rare natural landscape of Golden Bay for people to have a space to retreat away from visual and electromagnetic pollution, and we wish for future generations to enjoy nature’s playground.

At Anahata Retreat we strive to uphold this vision to maintain the natural beauty of the landscape and provide a place where our guests can retreat from the stress and stimulation of work, modern technology and the impact of city life. We have intentionally chosen to be in a remote area, sustainable and off the grid. In light of new rules being passed by the government, giving telecommunciations groups liberal rights to place cell phone towers anywhere, we are continuing to take actions to protect the surrounding ridgelines.


Other Ways You Can Help Anahata

  • Donate your time
  • Donate books to our library
  • Donate tools, seeds, plants
  • Give a regular monthly donation to any project you believe in or for general use
  • Contact us to discuss Bequeathing to Anahata in your will

Thank you for your support of Anahata’s on-going work!

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