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About Lis

About Lis


Alongside Prosad, Lis will feature as one of our Special Guests at our Sound Yoga Retreat & Bhakti Celebration event in February 2019.

Lis is passionate about inspiring healthy wholesome living through food and nutrition, yoga, meditation, communing with nature & kirtan/singing mantra – the essential ingredients of self-love. She shares self-loving practices through facilitating a variety of workshops at retreats, festivals, events, private & corporate functions. She is also a kirtanist – singing mantras being her favorite self-loving practice, leading weekly kirtan /community singing, and singing at events worldwide alongside a variety of conscious musicians.

She simply wants us all to recognize that the love we seek externally, already resides within each of us. With heart opening practices, we can learn to access this love in every moment. By embracing self-loving practices we learn to step into our power. We make better choices, and let go of things in our lives that no longer serve us. When we connect to our own inner source of love, magic unfolds. 

Our self-loving journeys are beautiful, they aren’t hard work – they simply require a commitment to ourselves. What begins as a practice transforms into a lifestyle.


Workshop: Empowerment of Self-Love:

Date / Time TBA

This workshop will begin with a heart opening blend of powerful tools including mantra singing, guided relaxation & mindful breathing. These allow us the opportunity to express our self-love, and give healing medicine to the heart.

Lis will share the many techniques that we can use in a daily practice to inspire transformation, interweaving inspiring stories of her personal journey of self discovery. These will include some self-loving exercises and some thought provoking discussions. It is my intention that everyone will take from this the tools needed to fall deeply in love with themselves.

You’ll even be given homework to continue your journey of self-love from home.

Suitable for everyone.

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