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Update From Atmavidya

Update from Atmavidya

Sn. Atmavidya has been here at Anahata for the last few months, taking care of all the responsibilities of running Anahata while Swami Karma Karuna has been in India.

She writes this uplifting newsletter on the various things that have been happening here lately.


Hari Om friends of Anahata

We extend our hearts from the edge of this great Mountain Range, Pikikirunga (climbing upwards) to all our friends near and far and look forward to your return to Anahata when the time is right for you.
We have been blessed at Anahata to experience a flow of beauty in the form of wonderful karma yogis and sevaks.  Nature continues to express herself with softness, and sometimes with intensity, around us.  Our lives are enriched here by the fullness of the seasons raining, blowing, shining and at times touching us with supreme stillness.  Our vision is expanded here, by the views over Mohua Golden Bay and by our close connection to these elements.  There is also the great gift of practices which continue to make a beautiful difference in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.
We are grateful for the dedication, work and vision of those who continue to uphold the work of the Anahata Health and Education Trust by their seva here and also from far away.  Gratitude is offered to individuals like Swami Karma Karuna and Sannyasin Shantachittam, for the strength of their aspiration to keep the work of Anahata going and who, from great distance, continue to support and expand to the work.
Feedback from the Permaculture Design programme hosted by Anahata through November revealed the richness of the transformational experience for the participants, that can come from joining Permaculture and Yoga together.  There was a beautiful convergence of energies between the Permaculture Design participants and Sevaks from Anahata under the guidance of Nityatma to create the foundations for the cob pizza oven and bamboo-framed herb poly tunnel.  These projects are close to completion at this time.  We were also blessed by the generosity of Courtney (Permaculture tutor) who generously offered workshops on Holistic Management and compost making to our karma yogis, residents and sevaks.  We look forward to celebrating with you all, with practices and also pizza from the new oven soon.
Retreats like Hatha Yoga Immersion and Explore Your ‘Self ‘, which have also been running over these last few months at Anahata, continue to attract beautiful aspirants.  Together we are able to celebrate the way that the work of Anahata continues to sustain us all on the deeper dimensions of our nature.
We extend our gratitude to each one of you who has come to Anahata to deepen your practice, to transform yourself,  for your presence here.  Our gratitude also to those who have contributed financially or in some other way to support and uphold this great work in our community.  Our community of support has given resources and gifts like new mattresses and a new projector which have enabled us to continue to give from this great mountain top of Anahata.
With deep appreciation,
Accredited Yoga Teacher
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