This retreat offers a chance to deepen your meditation practice, or to start one if you are a beginner. Held over 7 days, it will help you to let your mind rest and enjoy a different, deeper kind of relaxation that will leave you wiser, and more ready for the challenges of life. Part of the retreat will be held in silence.

Renowned meditation teacher, Swami Anandakumar, takes a fresh and direct approach to meditation which is effective for both the beginner and advanced practitioner. The combination of ancient yoga techniques with well-timed, intuitive guidance, aimed at the modern mind, helps each person to find their way to deeper levels of awareness through access to their own intuitive experience.

This self-explorative approach to meditation provides a gentle way to balance the mind and realign the awareness toward your own inner nature. With more than 35 years experience Sw. Anandakumar helps to bring harmony to meditation practice, outlining a working ‘road map’ in order to harmonise any conflict with the body-mind and find your way forward. This allows your meditation practice to come from a place of inspiration rather than a feeling of obligation, which is uplifting even as you begin to face up to yourself. It’s a jumping off point for a deeper self-discovery.

The focus of this inspiring retreat is on Awareness in Meditation. And it will help to answer some essential questions

  • what is meditation?
  • what is its purpose?
  • how do we practise it properly?
  • how do we maintain our meditation practice?
  • what are the benefits that meditation can accrue for us in daily life?

There comes a time when you realise that what you have been looking for doesn’t in fact lie in the places you’ve been looking. The only qualification you need is a desire to go into the inner world and explore there in order to know yourself better. This opportunity for continuity in practice, uninterrupted by the demands and activities of the outer world, will deepen your ability to hear and listen to your own inner voice.
The mind can be tricky. It will present distractions and diversions along the way. With well-timed, intuitive guidance Sw. Anandakumar can skillfully help you navigate these detours bringing you back to connection with awareness so your practice continues to deepen. Sw. Anandakumar teaches with a wisdom, authenticity and generosity of spirit born out of many years of practicing yoga and meditation. He encourages, inspires and gently guides you. With his warm down-to-earth manner, he makes the mystery of meditation clear and accessible.

Retreat also includes:
• Hatha Yoga classes
• Daily chanting
• Karma yoga (action with meditative awareness)
• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
• Ancient fire ceremonies (havan) and kirtan chanting
• Periods of silence for reflection

This course is suitable:
• for all sincere students, seekers, and spiritual adventurers
• To develop and extend your regular meditation practice of finding the answers within the self
• Each meditation experience is unique with the potential to go deeper each time. Students often attend the course multiple times

Swami Anandakumar is an internationally respected teacher who specializes in meditation. He has studied a wide variety of yogic disciplines for over 30 years, training and teaching in ashrams in Australia and India, as well as conducting courses on meditation internationally. One of his main teaching duties over the last 10 years has been the four month course held annually in Bihar School of Yoga in India.
 This brought insight into the effect of sustained practise over a period of time.

Start Time: 10am Monday, 12th March - arrival/registration
Finish Time: 11am Sunday, 18th March
Complimentary pick up: Sunday 11th Mar 5.45pm Takaka I-site
Complimentary drop off: Sunday 18th Mar 11am back to Takaka I-site



NZ$ 795.00 (shared accommodation)
NZ$ 735.00 (camping)
Super Early Bird rate - a discount of 15% if paid in full by 11th January 2018 (use promo code SEB15 on booking form)
Early Bird rate - a discount of 10% if paid in full by 10th February 2018 (use promo code SEB10 on booking form)

Prices include shared accommodation (except camping option), all meals and the full retreat programme.
A discounted rate of $50 applies for the night before the retreat begins (March 11th).
Limited private room options are available - to find out more, please email us directly.

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